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*Now Serving Brunch & Breakfast! 


Now Serving Brunch & Breakfast!

...from homemade crepes to huevo Puerto Rico...

8 a.m.-1 p.m.

Bistro Fare

Shrimp in Peanut Green Curry with Basil...$13

(veggie version also available)

Amber’s West Coast version of curry with lots of fresh ginger, lemongrass,

 fennel root, and fresh basil served with shrimp, rice and red peppers...$12

Crab Bruschetta

A refreshing summer nibble: jumbo lump crab meat tossed with

scallions, red peppers, and aioli over baguette toasts…$13

Spanish Meatloaf Tacos

(veggie tacos available)

A novel way to enjoy our fabulous Spanish sophrito infused meatloaf in a taco,

 with cheddar, our tomato and cilantro chutney, romaine and sour cream…$12

Steak Salad with Roast Vegetables

Seared skirt steak cooked to preference, served with baby baked Potatoes,

a variety of roast vegetables with gorgonzola and a maple Dijon vinaigrette…$16

Veggie Tartar

Avocado, chipotle sour cream, chickpeas, cucumber, and tomato cilantro chutney

 molded into a medallion and served with fried sundried tomato strips…$9

Stuffed Dates

(veggie version served without bacon)

Dates stuffed with goat cheese and our house roast tomatoes,

wrapped in bacon, and lightly dipped in chipotle panko…$10

Overstuffed Baguette Pizzas

These are simply fabulous! Choose from these four combinations:

-eggplant, tomato chutney, goat cheese, gorgonzola, balsamic, tapenade…$12

-house roast tomatoes, brie, basil, capers, red onion…$12

- pesto mayo, cheddar, feta, salami, avocado, Italian sausage…$13

-chickpeas, chipotle mayo, kale, red onion, portabella, parmesan…$12

Smoked Gouda with Cranberry Mojito Chutney

Lightly warmed Vermont smoked gouda coupled with

a cranberry cucumber mint chutney and baguette toasts…$9

Ponce Antipasto

(for two)

Serrano and salami hams, parmesan cheese drizzled with olive oil,

Spanish olives, and a salad with our house roasted tomatoes…$13




soup du jour & quiche du jour


finely chopped kale, swiss chard, and parsley tossed with cranberries, diced apples,
sun flower seeds and  our own homemade peanut ginger dressing

Asian chicken salad

tender roasted chicken breast, toasted almonds, apples, carrots, cilantro, and
scallions over greens with our own Thai vinaigrette

GriLled Romaine

half head of romaine grilled with olive oil topped with feta cheese, olive tapenade,
roasted tomatoes, red onion, and served with our cherry balsamic vinaigrette

Lavender goat cheese Salad

goat cheese medallion rolled in freshly roasted pecans, red onion, dried
cranberries over greens with our white grape sherry dressing

crumbled gorgonzola, fresh roasted pecans, apple wood smoked bacon,
roasted red tomatoes, and our orange shallot dressing over greens


Herbed chicken salad

tender roasted chicken breast tossed with fresh herbed aoli,
toasted almonds and diced apples, served with fresh tomato wedges over greens


Israeli couscous dressed with olive oil, balsamic vinegar, garlic, scallions,
dried cranberries, and fresh roasted pecans, served with side salad

ROSADAS BEANS Over Rice with Avocado

pink and black beans simmered with green peppers, onions, herbs, and olives in
traditional Puerto Rican sophrito, served over white rice with fresh avocado


Tuna Tarragon Wrap

albacore tuna tossed with fresh roasted pecans, tarragon, dried cranberries,

and herbed aioli, served in sun dried tomato wrap with fresh tomato and avocado


Spanish meatloaf

slow roasted angus beef stuffed with olives, onions, herbs, peppers and Spanish seasonings,
served with Manchego cheese, red onion, capers, and an achiote dressing on baguette

Veggie Gobble

our famous veggie favorite with roasted butternut squash, apples, feta cheese,
red onion, cranberry mayo, and greens on baguette

Wood cured HAM
wood cured nitrate free ham, house roasted red tomatoes,
cheddar cheese, spinach, and oregano mayo on panini

North Country turkey

house roasted turkey breast, apple, dill havarti cheese, and our homemade

parmesan peppercorn dressing served on panini


Sante Fe chicken wrap

tender house roasted chicken breast, fresh tomato, green olives, red onions,
avocado, greens and chipotle cilantro dressing served in sun dried tomato wrap

Vermont goAt cheese

Vermont goat cheese, gorgonzola, fresh pesto, house roasted red
peppers, and greens served on baguette

fresh Duck Trap smoked salmon with red onion, cream cheese, and capers on baguette

Triple cream brie

sliced white grapes, freshly roasted pecans, house roasted turkey breast,
triple cream brie, and our sherry vinaigrette served on baguette




Truffled Mushroom Strudel

our unique non-pastry strudel of sautéed cremini mushroom, red onion,

rosemary, and truffle oil wrapped in kale leaves and drizzled with parmesan peppercorn dressing


Sausage and Brie

sweet Italian sausage sautéed and stuffed with triple cream brie,

topped with our roasted red pepper and fresh basil chutney


Rosadas Beans and Rice with Avocado

pink and black beans simmered with green peppers, onions, herbs,

in traditional Puerto Rican sophrito
served over white rice with fresh avocado


Raspberry Beets and Goat Cheese Salad

whole beets marinaded in a raspberry vinaigrette, sliced, and served with

a scallion and panko roasted goat cheese medallion over greens


Gorgonzola and Truffle Balsamic Salad

crumbled gorgonzola cheese, apple wood smoked bacon, diced cucumber,

and fresh roasted almonds over mesculin greens with our truffle infused balsamic vinaigrette


Prince Edward Island Mussels

fresh PEI mussels prepared in Sauvignon Blanc with butter, fresh basil,

house roasted tomatoes, garlic, onions, and Asian influenced flavors


Cottage Pinwheel

flaky puff pastry wrapped around spinach, butternut squash, apple wood

 smoked bacon, goat cheese, and topped with melty cheddar


Baked Feta and Smoked Salmon Bruschetta

fresh tomato and feta baked on baguette toasts, layered with

Duck Trap Scottish smoked salmon and sprinkled with dill


Portabella Cap Pizzas

roast portabella mushroom topped with olive tapenade, tomatoes, cheddar, feta, and red onions



Thai Curried Sea Scallops

seared sea scallops in a light coconut lime curry finished with a delicate

watercress and basil salad over jasmine rice and julienned red peppers

market price

Broiled Salmon

hand-cut filet of Atlantic salmon roasted and broiled to a tender finish, drizzled with

a lime and scallion aioli over jasmine rice and a roasted red pepper and basil chutney


Thick Boneless Pork Chop

panko crusted thick-cut chop, topped with sautéed apples and red onions,

finished with our homemade gorgonzola cream


Beef Stroganoff

we do this a little differently: white wine and cream béchamel made to order,

poured over broiled skirt steak and egg noodles - our most decadent offering!


Chicken with Fresh Basil and Mushrooms

all natural chicken breast pan sauteed and served with a

truffled mushroom and fresh basil cream sauce over egg noodles


Veal Picatta

tender veal filet lightly breaded and sauteed in a white wine and butter sauce with lemon and capers over linquini


12 oz. NY Strip Steak Au Poivre

Ron made this meal for Amber...10 anniversaries ago

(Riding Paso Fino horses on the beaches of Block Island also helped.)

12 oz. New York strip steak crusted in whole peppercorns and seared to a tender finish, served with roast garlic baby baked potatoes


Specials From Our Rotating Menu Occur Nightly.

Open daily from 9 a.m. serving breakfast and lunch
 Dinner served Thursday to Sunday

Ponce Bistro
4659 Main Street
Manchester Center, VT 05255

(802) 768-8095

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